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Privacy Policy

Buopso is a privately owned company that develops and produces innovative customer relationship management (CRM) systems and solutions to assist organizations in better managing connections with current and potential customers and information about them. 

We esteem your right to privacy and take our duties for personal data processing very seriously. As a result, if personal data is not necessary, we do not collect or handle it. This privacy policy, along with our terms of service, lays out important information about your data processing rights and the legal basis for processing any personal data we collect from you or that you provide to us in association with your use of this website and the Buopso platform, app, or service. We secure the right to change our Privacy Policy, and we encourage you to review it periodically. This page will be revised with any changes to our privacy policy. If the changes are critical, we will send you an email notification or a more visible message if you subscribe to our goods and services. We do not make a conscious effort to compel or collect information from children.


Each party understands that it only has the right to use the other’s Confidential Information if the terms and conditions are followed. It does not acquire ownership or rights to the other party’s Confidential Information. Each side must keep any private information obtained from the other in tight trust and protect it with the same zeal as it does its own equally important report. Confidential Information is only visible to those employees, agents, representatives, and approved contractors (collectively, the “Representatives”) who need to know about this Agreement.

Each party should inform such representatives of the limits, duties, and obligations that each party has regarding the use, access, and non-disclosure of Confidential Information and shall get their approval to carry out such constraints, responsibilities, and duties. Will be delivered, or will be done. Confidential information is safeguarded in the same manner as it is here. Each party is responsible for the actions and omissions of its representatives while dealing with the data of the other.

Each group agrees to inform the other when it becomes aware of or suspects a breach of any ownership restrictions set out in this section. Assume that any applicable law, regulation, or order of a competent court forces a party to provide Confidential Information. In that case, that party will use commercially reasonable steps to notify the other party of the required disclosure.

Amendment & Testimonial:

We recognize that new business concepts may need adjustments to your approach. Every program, timeline, or work in progress can be amended, denied, canceled, or paused. As lengthy as we can do so without infringing our contractual obligations to third parties, we will take all reasonable means to comply (including media and suppliers). You must reimburse us for any expenses incurred and pay our fees for work performed if you cancel or modify your plans. We’ve engaged contractors or put our people to work on your business. If you cancel or alter your reservation, we have the right to charge them a price equal to our minimum commitment unless we agree otherwise.

We will not issue any press releases about our work without your permission. However, we may publicly (including our website) announce that we are or have been working for you unless we agree otherwise.