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Terms and Conditions


  • Trademarks: The Buopso name, logo, trade name, and brand are all owned by Buopso.com. Except as expressly provided herein or with Buopso’s written authorization, the Company cannot utilize any preceding.
  • Data Ownership: The Company owns all of its data, including the right, title, and interest. The correctness, integrity, and authenticity of Company data are solely the responsibility of the Company.
  • Proprietary Rights: Buopso shall own all rights, labels, and interests in the Software, technology, information, code, or Software given to the Company, including all intellectual property rights and parts, copies, or modifications, and any intellectual property rights and interests, documents, or alterations.
  • Suggestions: Buopso has no access to any suggestion enhancement request submitted by the Company, including subscription subscribers, relating to the operation of any product, worldwide, royalty-free, for use and inclusion in any product or service. Recommendations and other forms of feedback will be free of charge. Or a Buopso-owned service.
  • License:
  • License Grant: Under the provisions of this Agreement, Buopso will make the Software available to Company for use by Subscription Users and will grant Company a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and revocable license to install, use, and modify the Software for Company only. Business objectives on the inside. Unless expressly indicated otherwise in a written agreement between the parties, the Company recognizes and accepts that the Terms & Conditions documented below shall govern the use of the Company’s Software for the subscription duration.
  • Third-Party Software: The Software may utilize or incorporate particular third-party Software. The Company’s use of the Software is governed by relevant third-party software terms and conditions when applicable. The Company may use third-party plug-ins to enhance the Software’s functionality. This usage is confined to the Company’s internal use and does not breach any of the requirements of Section 1.3 of this Agreement.
  • Support:

Buopso shall offer support services for the Software to the Company after the Company has paid the necessary fees under this Agreement, which will be made available through the Boopso Support Portal mentioned on the Order Form. The Services are intended for internal use by the Company. The Company may not utilize the Software or Support Services to provide third-party advice, support, or training.


Each party recognizes that it only receives the right to use the other party’s Confidential Information under the terms and conditions. It does not acquire ownership or title to the other party’s Confidential Information. Each party shall preserve any private information received from the other in strict confidence and safeguard it as diligently as it does its report of equal importance. Only those employees, agents, representatives, and authorized contractors (collectively, the “Representatives”) who need to know about this Agreement are permitted to see Confidential Information. Each party shall tell such representatives of each party’s restrictions, duties, and obligations about the use, access, and non-disclosure of Confidential Information and shall acquire the representatives’ consent to fulfill such constraints, responsibilities, and duties. Will do or will be given. Confidential information is protected in the same way that it is covered here. Each party is liable for all acts and omissions of its representatives involving the other party’s data. Each party promises to notify the other as soon as it learns of or suspects a breach of any ownership limitation stated in this section. Assume that any relevant law, rule, or order of a court of competent jurisdiction requires a party to divulge Confidential Information. In that circumstances, that party will notify the other party of the required disclosure using commercially reasonable measures. Nothing in this Agreement bounds or limits the receiving party’s use of the information:

  • 1. Without any obligation to believe it in advance 
  • 2. Without access to that party’s Confidential Information
  • 3. Obtained from a third party who is not under any obligation to trust such information, or
  • 4. Which is publicly available without breach of this Agreement is widely available.

Buopso or its licensors keep the provisions of this Agreement, the original code, and the structure, sequencing, and organization of the Buopso product as proprietary information.

Warranty Disclaimer:

The Software is provided with or with no implied warranty of merchantability, non-infringement, or suitability for a specific purpose. Buopso’s exclusive warranty (expressed or implied) on the subject matter. Buopso, its affiliates, dealers, partners, agents, or employees do not provide any oral or written information or advice that creates a warranty or expands the scope of any guarantee provided. Buopso makes no guarantee that the Software will be error-free or uninterrupted.


Fees for the services we agreed upon must be paid. We’ll let you know if those prices or rates alter before we start working for you. You also agree to cover our costs for creative teams, voiceover, sound studio, stock photography, and audio. We have conveyed to you our payment conditions for all charges. All orders for the Services are exclusive of any relevant value-added or other tax, which will be applied to our bills submitted to you unless otherwise agreed.


We understand that new company ideas may need changes to your strategy. Any program, timetable, or task in progress may be changed, declined, canceled, or stopped at your request. We shall take all reasonable measures to comply, as long as we can do so without violating any of our contractual duties to third parties (including media and suppliers). If there is a cancellation or change, you must refund us for any expenditures incurred and pay our fees for work already completed. We’ve hired contractors or hired our personnel to work on your company. Unless we agree differently, we have the right to charge them a fee equal to our minimum commitment if you cancel or modify your reservation.


We will not issue any news releases concerning our work without your consent. Unless we agree otherwise, we may publicly (including on our website) disclose that we are or have been working for you.

Software Subscription Agreement:

Before purchasing or utilizing the Services, please read this Software Subscription Agreement. You approve of the terms of this Agreement by using or purchasing the Product. Assume you’re operating on behalf of a company. You convey that you have the command to enter into this Agreement on behalf of that Company in that situation (“Company”). The Company must not acquire or use the products or services if it does not accept the conditions of this Agreement.The “Agreement” refers to the terms and conditions of this Membership Agreement, as well as any order forms entered into by our Company. Unless otherwise defined herein, capitalized words have the meanings set out in section 12.

The Company is not permitted or authorized to use the Buopso Products unless it has accepted to be bound by the Agreement conditions (“Software”).